The Future Is Now . . .

I love the motivational posters that you sometimes see in offices. Granted, I’m not in a lot of offices but I have seen them. they say things like: Teamwork and have a picture and some inspirational words. So I’m always trying to think of these kind of banal aphorisms because obviously peopleĀ  respond to them right? My latest one:

If you’re living in the present, you’re already behind

I guess that may not be as inspirational as it is cautionary. You don’t need me to tell you how fast things move. While we’re often told to live in the moment, that makes us late. Maybe it’s better to live for the moment but in the future. Obviously we can’t live in the real future but we can use what we know to anticipate and act on things before you’re left behind and whether you sell wine, program computers or psychoanalyze teenagers things change quickly in your field and the better you anticipate the better your business will be.

Of course using my own experience as a base, in 2008 when the shit hit the fan I had a very different type of business than I have now. It was a boutique wine shop with an incredible selection of high end (and thereby) expensive wines. It was quickly and painfully apparent that the model up until that point would no longer work for a number of reasons. I didn’t have time to weigh the options; I did what I had to do and changed the type of store I ran to reflect the immediate ( and future) realities of my business. Although I was forced into this by issues beyond my control I still had to project outcomes and act accordingly. I’m still here so I guessed right, at least in this case.

You started a business because you had a vision or a concept that you loved (or at least felt strongly about). That said, to survive you sometimes have to look beyond that Love and make hard and practical choices that may differ from your original ideas. This is not compromising this is doing what it takes to survive in a quickly moving climate that often takes no prisoners. Within change there is always room for your original vision, it’s just that by being adaptable there will still be a business left to showcase that vision.

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