Is It Ever Fun?

Reading these blog entries I’m even asking myself why I do this. It seems like it’s nothing but problem after problem running a small business and for seemingly little payoff. So why do it? Why go to all this trouble for all these problems? The answer may seem a little confusing based on all that’s come before and here it is: It is fun.

There is nothing quite like running your own business. If you have the spirit and the desire nothing can ever replace the feeling of thinking something up executing it and watching it grow. I always wanted to run a store, even as a little kid I always imagined doing exactly what I’m doing and I still find it a kick every day I come in. I know there are tons of problems and of course there are days when I just want to give it all up but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing else I could ever see myself doing. This type of business works for me, for how I think and how I like to do things so while there are always issues I also know that there is always gratification. There is a direct correlation between what effort I put in and what success comes out and there is really nothing better than seeing something you have created succeed on whatever level you choose. Not everyone has to be a Marc Zuckerberg or a Steve Jobs. Any vision that you have can be a success and as an entrepreneur you make it happen.

I’m here to try and make it easier. That’s why I’m always pointing out the bad stuff. Hopefully by bringing it to your attention it will help you avoid the same mistakes as you embark on your adventure. And yes, it is and will be an adventure.

On bad days I sometimes joke to myself that I have never had an “easy” day since I started these businesses and while this may be true, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been fun.

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