Business Designs

Design for Business

Running a business means you are the CFO, director of marketing, head of merchandising, human relations manager – all things to all people at all times. Up and running businesses often find themselves at a plateau – or worse. This is when an experienced eye can help you overcome your business hurdles. I help you with focused, practical strategies for managing – and growing – your business.

Call to discuss my 8-week/12-week program. We meet on the phone once a week/3 times per month to develop solutions that will move your business to the next level.

Design for Teamwork

I work with managers and employees to help them better understand the business from the employee’s perspective. These group sessions will build the communication that is necessary for your business success. We can meet onsite, via tele-call, or at a neutral offsite location. Topics include selling, hours and scheduling, company policies, and more. As your coach, I will ensure that the time is valuable to all and not merely an opportunity to “gripe”.

Design for Personal Success

Unlock your hidden potential and find your own answers to achieving both short-term and long-term success.

At some point most of us have felt overwhelmed or unsure of what direction to take next in our business and personal lives. It is often difficult to separate the two – a bad day at the store translates to a bad night at home. One-on-one coaching can help you better separate your business and personal lives and set your own priorities.

Design for Transition

You’re ready for the next stage of your career. Perhaps you’ve taken early retirement or been let go from positions where you worked for many years. You bring a unique and valuable skill set to the table, but you’re not sure how to leverage your experience. This program can be especially effective if you are considering buying a franchise. As a coach, my job is to help you answer your questions and navigate your changing perspective.

Small Business Roundtable

All business owners have challenges that they overcame. These moderated coaching sessions bring you together with other like-minded businessmen and women to discuss common issues, ask for advice, and find support. You benefit from communal wisdom.

Events by Design

My background in the wine business has allowed me to develop activities that are both fun and educational. They involve wine so it’s almost assured that everyone will want to participate. I’m happy to discuss your company’s needs.

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